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I would, and have, recommended Lee and Mountain Capital to other investors and private lenders.
​Thank you Lee.  I was very happy with my experience with Mountain Capital.
Lee is experienced with Mountain Capital and lending. Lee provided money quickly, at a reasonable the process as a new real estate investor, and Lee was helpfully
flexible when things didn't go quite as planned with my exit strategy. I would, and have, recommended Lee and Mountain Capital to other investors and private lenders.  Thanks and looking forward to working with you again.

Lorraine Heath
Spokane, WA


...Lee is Honest and Forthright.
​I've known Lee for years.  I implicitly trust him and have a high degree of
comfort level with him...he is honest and forthright.

Robert Delaney

Spokane, WA

....obtains rapid results for his
clients and is always willing
to go the extra mile.

“Lee has been one of the most dedicated people I have had the pleasure of working with. He is highly knowledgeable, obtains rapid results for his clients and is always willing to go the extra mile. Lee epitomizes customer service!”

Shawn Mock

Seattle, WA


MOUNTAIN CAPITAL provides short-term commercial loans for the
purpose of purchasing, rehabing, reselling, and constructing
investment properties such as boutique hotels, apartments, and small investment flips. We provide money to make money and approve most deals in-house. We
have been making commercial real estate loans for over 15 years.  With Mountain Capital there are:

No appraisals needed for loans below $250,000.
No application fees.
No prepayment penalties and typically no inspection fees.
No seasoning requirements.
Quick closings.
Flexible Terms
Customized loan products.

Mountain Capital's commitment to its shareholders and to its
members is to visit each property personally and to meet with
each borrower. The Company has achieved a significant market
presence in their area with consistent, high quality loan
products and straight talk.  Mountain Capital's low foreclosure
record can be attributed to our loan's low loan to value, local
market understanding, solid underwriting practices and efficient
loan structure.  

Mountain Capital's ability to fund loans rapidly to borrowers
whose qualifications do not meet the strict lending criteria of
institutional lenders creates an exceptional opportunity and a
win-win situation for borrowers and Mountain Capital.  By
working with borrower loan to value ratios, Mountain Capital
achieves maximum lender security and borrower profitability.

Mountain Capital combines well-underwritten and well-secured
deeds of trust loan origination with the flexibility of in-house loan approval
in a highly desirable local target market area.

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