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Q: What is "private money?"
A:  Private money, or sometimes called hard money, is a term used to describe any financing option which is an
alternative to commercial bank lending.  The term hard money is used because tangible "hard" assets are taken
as collateral.  Due to short closing times, deal complication, or risk, private money lenders can step in to provide
funds where conventional lenders cannot.

Q: Why use a private money lender?
A:  Although private money lenders' rates and fees are typically higher than conventional lenders, many times it

is the availability of funds not the cost which is important to the private money borrower. Private money is meant

to be short-term bridge financing to help you get into a deal, carry the deal while you work on it, and should be

taken out relatively quickly.

Q: What are the advantages of using Mountain Capital for commercial lending?
A: There are many advantages to using Mountain Capital for private money, including:

             Fast Underwriting/approval
             Because we approve and fund most deals in-house, we can approve a deal and issue a funding letter in a matter of hours, instead of                   several weeks with a conventional lender.  We can close within a matter of days.

             Flexible Programs
             You can use the equity that you have built up in other real estate to help you purchase and renovate

             your next project, instead of having to use large amounts of your own cash.  Borrower's typically do

             not come with a great deal of cash at closing.

             Experienced Investors
             We know the Pacific Northwest better than anyone. We are experienced investors and lenders and

             can help guide you throughout the process and avoid many pitfalls.  We want to make money with you.

             Access to Capital
             Conventional banks have tightened up on their underwriting, making it difficult to impossible to come

             up with the extra capital you need to get your deal done. We are asset-based lenders who are focused

             on the real estate and the viability of your project as opposed to credit score or the collapse of the

             sub-prime market. When we show up at the table your deal gets done!

             Industry Contacts
             As a result of our extended experience making commercial real estate loans, we have many industry

            contacts to help you along the way. We have pre-approved general contractors, relationships with

            conventional lenders to help you refinance, and recommended real estate agents to help you

            maximize the value of your investment and avoid painful pitfalls along the way.

             Property List
             We have a list of as-is commercial properties ready for rehab, which are pre-approved for financing.

            Construction Projects
             We have a major understanding of the permit and construction process.  

Q: How do you underwrite deals?
A: While underwriting is based on many factors and varies on a case-by-case basis, our general criteria include

the following:

              Financially Successful Project
             We want you to make money on the deal. If we think you can, we'll probably do the loan. If we thing you

             can't, we'll tell you and we'll tell you why we thank you may want to reconsider doing the deal.

             "Skin In The Game"
             While we are eager to work with you and be a financial "partner" on your real estate investments, it's

             your deal and you get the upside. We just get our money back plus fees and interest.  As a result, we

             need to be comfortable that you are motivated to see the project through completion.  One of our

             competitive advantages is our ability to use existing equity in borrower's additional collateral so that

             they don't have to come to the table with large sums of cash.

             Exit Strategy
             Whether you're going to sell the property or rent and refinance, we want to make sure that you're

             set up to succeed.  We'll help you during the renovation process to make sure that you're going to

             have a marketable product for sale at completion and can refer you to professional real estate agents

             to ensure that you get top dollar on your investment.  For rentals, we'll help you to optimize your rent

             and put you in touch with commercial lenders who will help you refinance your investment once it is rented.