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I would highly recommend
his lending services to
anyone else interested in
making money today.

I have everything good to say about my experience with Lee and Mountain Capital. Lee gave me the funds needed to work when I couldn't get them anywhere else and banks turned me down.  Additionally, Lee took the time to explain how it all worked and how to make some real money - for that I will always truly be in his debt.  It turned out to be a smooth process from start to finish and I would highly recommend his lending services to anyone else interested in making money today. Thanks again.      

Steve Stephens
Spokane, WA

I truly believe anyone
can do it and take control
over their wealth.

I went on a search for a guide that would help me to better manage my
money and the time that I spend on it.  Lee broke down the private lending
profit structure so well that I truly believe anyone can do it and take control
over their wealth.  Lee encourages you to start small but makes you feel
confident that you will definitely earn big.

Juliet Obodo
Manhattan, NY

Borrower Loan Options

Closing costs up to 65% of the after repaired value or finished value after construction.  
Low points - can be added into loan amount.  
No Interest payments during life of loan - optional
interest reserve.  
Loan to value up to 65% - after repair value.  
Terms negotiable and flexible.  
No prepayment fees, no application fee, no seasoning
requirements, and offers.

Typical loans include:

REO purchase

Hotel purchase or renovation
Auction purchase
Large kitchen/bathroom remodeling
Vertical construction

Apartment purchase or renovation
Seller carry back
Buildable bare land


Low credit score/bankruptcy
High debt to income ratio
Corporations, trusts, and partnerships
Non-owner occupied
Unseasoned collateral
Time-sensitive transactions
Joint ventures
Account Receivable loan

Typically, single family residence rehab loans and vertical
construction loans are not eligible for conventional bank
financing due to deferred maintenance or bank strict
underwriting standards.

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Mountain Capital is able to loan up to 65% of the finished value of the non-owner occupied home or commercial property. We can also include payment reserves during the time of construction. This increases the loan amount but gives you the added benefit of not making a payment while remodeling or constructing the project.